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Tetrahedron Letters
Volume 33, Issue 32
4 August 1992
Pages 4549-4552

PII: S0040-4039(00)61309-6
Copyright © 1992 Published by Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

C2-symmetric phosphinic acid inhibitors of HIV protease

Anusch Peyman *, Karl-Heinz Budt, Jörg Spanig, Bernd Stowasser and Dieter Ruppert

Hoechst AG, Pharma Forschung G838, 6230 Frankfurt 80, FRG

Received 15 April 1992.  Available online 5 March 2001.


The synthesis of the previously not accessible symmetrical bis(a-aminoalkyl)phosphinic acids is demonstrated. These compounds are valuable central building blocks in the synthesis of HIV protease inhibitors.

Graphical Abstract

Symmetrical bis(a-aminoalkyl)phosphinic acids are valuable central building blocks in the synthesis of HIV protease inhibitors. 



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